What are the payment methods available?
A: At the moment, we only accept Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit cards and Paypal payments.

Do I need to register an account in order to shop?
A: No, you can still shop on our website without an account.

Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we do. Most countries require a phytosanitary certificate for importing of seeds. We charge S$50 for a Phytosanitary certificate. Please take a look at our international shipping policy.

Does Ban Lee Huat sell GMO’s seeds?
A: No. We do not carry or sell any GMO’s seeds.

How can I check that my order has been received?
A: You will receive an email from us confirming your order. Do check your email’s spam folder in case our email was marked as spam. If you still do not receive our confirmation email, you may login to your account to check your order status or email us at enquiry@banleehuatseed.com.
Can I change my order?