Planting Guide


Look for a sunny location and the area should have good drainage.


Soil for planting should consist of equal parts of peat, coarse sand and soil. Most plants will grow in soils with a pH range from 5.5 to 7.5.


For optimal performance, vegetables need enough water to keep the soil around their roots moist, but not drenched. During hot weather, additional watering may be necessary.


Plants need nutrients to grow and thrive. Fertilizer commonly used is NPK: 15-15-15. It is important to make sure the soil is moist, both before and after applying fertilizer, so as to avoid burning the plants.


We recommend frequent inspecting of the plants, especially when they are young so as to keep disease and pest problems under control. Always remove diseased parts as soon as you see them and apply the correct fungicide treatment. The same applies to identifying pest problems and appropriate type of pesticides should be used.